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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Air Observers School, RAAF - August 1940

1 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Allotment Anson R3543, R3529, R3539 from 2 AP, Anson N4946 from CFS.
3 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Allotment Anson N1335 from 1 AD.
8 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Inspection of Station by A.O.C.
Inspection of Station by A.M.O.E. accompanied by Director of Equipment, one Organisation Staff Officer and one Works Representative.
P/O. C.H.S. JOHNSTONE posted 21 Sqdn. for Equipment Duties.
9 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
P/Os. P.M. METZLER and N.T. QUINN posted as Assistant Navigation Instructors.
12 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
P/O. P.F. MAGEE posted No. 1 AOS for Equipment Duties.
13 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Aircraft Casualty, Anson A4-47 at MILDURA Aerodrome while taxying. No casualties.
14 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
P/O. A.R. CLARKE posted.
15 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Allotment Rapide A33-1 from 3 EFTS.
19 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Vacated COOTAMUNDRA West Railway Station. Occupied new Administrative Offices at COOTAMUNDRA Aerodrome.
22 August 1940 - COOTAMUNDRA
Further intake 45 Air Observer Trainees, and 4 W/T. RAAF Operators.
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