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Ex-RAAF C-47 Dakota on display at Mulwala, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

RAAF Station Darwin, RAAF - April 1942

1 April 1942 to 30 April 1942 - DARWIN
Strength :- Officers, 28. Airmen, 497. Total, 525.
2 April 1942 - DARWIN
Air Raid on DARWIN. No bombs fell on station.

NOTES: Darwin Raid No. 11.
4 April 1942 - DARWIN
Air Raid on RAAF by seven bombers and zeros. Bombs fell on Civil Drome. One bomber hit by A.A. fire and exploded in mid-air. Zeros (3), straffed drome with no success. Two shot down by ground guns. American P.40's flew across drome with wheels up, and were shot at.
Wing Commander GRIFFITH returned to RAAF Station and resumed command.

NOTES: Darwin Raid No. 12.
5 April 1942 - DARWIN
Air raid by 7 bombers. Dropped bombs on N.W. Runway making 10 craters. These were quickly filled. No casualties.

NOTES: Darwin Raid No. 13.
8 April 1942 - DARWIN
Fatal accident. 41487, AC1 HILTON, (Guard), accidentally shot himself while on duty.
15 April 1942 - DARWIN
Squadron Leader A.D. SWAN, MBE took over command over RAAF Station.
16 April 1942 - DARWIN
Wing Commander S. de B. GRIFFITH, AFC, posted to No. 7 Squadron, LAVERTON.
25 April 1942 - DARWIN
Air raid by 24 bombers. Slight damage to runways and inserts.
SX.10175, Private POLLARD, L.G., AIF (Slightly injured).
SX.10656, Private BURGIT, H.G. AIF (Slightly injured).
SX.14087, Private BOWEN, T.D.R. AIF (Slightly injured).

NOTES: Darwin Raid No. 14.
27 April 1942 - DARWIN
Air Raid by 17 bombers, anti-personnel. Bombs fell across living quarters. Damage was heavy on buildings and installations.
2882, SGT. DORAN, V.A. (Cook). Killed.
17280, CPL. LEWIS, F.K. (Guard). Killed.
411267, SGT. UPJOHN, C.K. (WAG) Killed.
411263, SGT. ROHR, J.M. (WAG) Killed.
45739, AC1 BURGOYNE, (Guard) Slightly injured.
16124, CPL. BEAULEENEY, H.H. (2 Sqn). Slightly injured.
19887, LAC MADDY, R.L. (Flt. Rigger) Slightly injured.

NOTES: Darwin Raid No. 15.
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